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March 2007 - Puyang City, Henan Province Bo Rui Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established, product sales To PetroChina, Sinopec Oilfield affiliated enterprises

May 2011 - Established the company's main target products: underground fracturing pumps and accessories and other high-end products, specializing in high-tech, high value-added products and their markets

June 2012 - Signed framework agreement with enterprises such as Shengli Oilfield and Changqing Oilfield Downhole Operation Company

Proposal, then sales of products 32 million yuan, a complete substitute for imported products.

July 2013 - Achieved the first single export contract for valve boxes and accessories in Russia and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Russia's UTI Company.

August 2014 - Established Shandong Yukos Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.

September 2017 - Slow recovery of the global oil crisis, the company to explore joint-stock reform, to explore channels for financing development.